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Gifts to the Academy of Saint Cecilia Youth Orchestra Endowment fund will be used to build an enduring endowment, the proceeds from which will
be used to ensure the lasting viability of the organization. The endowment will be used to cover all costs, including compensation for the musical
directors, music, equipment purchase and repair, venue rental, and other operational expenses. Gifts may be made in memory or in honor of
another person and may be dedicated to a specific purpose if desired. Giving levels are as follows:
$10,000 Conductor’s Podium
(Lifetime recognition)
Chair Endowments for the Youth Orchestra entitle the donor to name the chair. Chair Endowments may be structured on a
payment plan and will be honored for a period of ten years.
$8,000 Concertmaster Chair
$6,000 Principals’ Chair (Section)
$4,000 Orchestra Chairs
$2,000 Academy Endowment
Words cannot express our gratitude to those who are helping us in this effort. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.


We Need Your Help

The Academy of Saint Cecilia Youth Orchestra is a self-funded, non-profit organization. We need the help of everyone to continue to do our good work.
We gratefully accept gifts of financial support, volunteer work, and professional services. We truly desire to be a community-based organization and
thank everyone who supports us.
Our general operating budget continues to grow each year and we thankfully accept gifts supporting our efforts. We recognize all of our donors in
our programs each year unless otherwise requested. 
b Gold Circle $25-$99
b St. Urban Circle $100-$249
b Maximus Circle $250-$499
b Tibertius Circle $500-$749
b Valerian Circle $750-$999
b St. Cecilia Circle $1000
As always, we thank you for your generous support of the Academy of Saint Cecilia Youth Orchestra!
For more information, please contact Alain Cappeluti at (301) 821-1162, email info